Trading Options

Binary Option Trading

Having built our business on financial markets it seems fitting that we have partnerships in Binary Trading. For the last 2 years we have worked alongside online providers to provide a Binary platform for trading. We strive to ensure that we partner with a web-based platform that offers:

  • Competitive Rates and no requotes
  • Analysis Charts providing historical and upcoming market events
  • Real-time access to online markets
  • Continuity with less than 0.07% platform downtime
  • Re-branding of the Platform to enable merchants to use their own front-end technology with API and Terminals
  • Platform iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry compliant

Each platform can be tailor made to specific criteria in terms of owners’ requirements

  • Currency
  • Spreads from – 02
  • Minimum Trade prices
  • Set Deposit Margins
  • Bonus systems
  • Trading Books


Bit Coin – BTC – XBC


Rightly or wrongly BIT COIN was originally hailed as the currency for the next generation. A universal currency that could be ‘virtually’ traded across the globe. Whilst the creator and mining origins of the Bitcoin are to most an enigma we have to considerit is a ‘virtual currency’ that may offer to some merchants a potential solution.

Its usefulness is still being explored, its price volatility whilst not making it an attractive trading platform for the many markets doesn’t mean it can be discounted as a currency of the future.

Currently we do not offer our own platform for Bitcoin, we are working closely with other providers in emerging markets. At World of Payments we consider the current lack of regulation a barrier to this product. We continue to monitor its progress and have, if required, recommendations for trading partners in this field.