Bank Transfer – Direct

How does it work?

The system sits on the payment page of the merchants’ site. In any given jurisdiction we will list the banks that are operational. The customer selects their bank and with their online bank details log into the account. This information is sent to the bank in an encrypted form. The customer will then enter a confirmation code – usually received via SMS or OTP generation it is a one time use for the transfer. Once this has been confirmed the online merchant will be advised of the success of the transfer enabling the goods to be dispatched.

How safe is it?

Your customer’s sensitive information will be 100% safe and secure with our payment gateway. The information cannot be compromised by World of Payments as it is not retained or stored by us. For the merchant the direct transfer method insures that funds reach nominated settlement accounts cleared instantly. The direct transfer method mitigates fraud risks. When each transfer is made a Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN) is generated which identifies each transfer and its origins. Enabling merchants to see in real time instant credits.

  • • This payment method is a favourite with many merchants and consumers. It is an established and simple means of a consumer sending funds to the merchant directly from a bank account. Our unique software provides real time confirmation of payment receipt.
  • • World of Payments gives you access to all of these options by supporting direct debit payments in 12 countries across three continents.
  • • The method can either be currency specific to the locality or a set currency as the merchant requests either can be supported.
  • Try the Bank Transfer Direct Demo 

Bank Transfer – Animation

eWallet & Pre-paid

Pre-paid wallets give merchants the security of being in receipt of cleared funds in the nominated currency.

The e-wallet automatically fills in the fields in an online order form, saving the customer the trouble of doing it themselves so it eliminates the needs for user error. Preventing customers from abandoning online purchases if they feel that the order form is too confusing or frustrating.

Our system is compatible with mobile devices iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows making it accessible constantly.

  • • An eWallet makes spending easy for your customers. They create an eWallet account and can use it to send and receive money online, to shop or to store
  • • World of Payments works with a range of other eWallet providers to give merchants access toover 65 million consumers in 42 countries.This includes international and local eWallets.
  • • This is a pre-paid solution and an alternative to card payment. It is extremely low risk for merchants.

Virtual Terminal

This gives merchants the freedom of installing on there own mobile devices the ability to accept payments online. Our virtual terminal is a web-based system that allows manual processing of credit or debit cards. It is perfect for merchants receiving orders through telephone, email, fax and mail order, as well as the Internet.

Our Platform forms part of a larger payment gateway so once installed the software can be adapted to include any of our other payment solutions, or as an individual service.

  • • This is a web-based solution for processing credit or debit card orders that may not come in via a website.
  • • Transactions are processed instantaneously for fast purchase completion.